For General Aviation pilots interested in flying to The Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and/or Central America, Caribbean Sky Tours offers several services available with special Member pricing. Check out the information below which consists of a brief description of each of the services available and additional links to access more detailed information for each of the services provided.

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Aeronautical Planning

This service is designed for pilots wishing to do their own local paperwork but would like guidance and assistance with the overall planning of the trip. With this service, we provide the pilot with the following assistance:

  • Review aircraft, crew and passenger documents
  • Define Airports Of Entry (AOE) that best fit your needs
  • Review preferred routes and applicable procedures
  • Obtain over-flight and landing permits, if needed. Additional processing and permit fees may apply
  • Verify fuel availability and pricing
  • Preflight briefing to review trip and emergency contact number

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Airspace Fees

Most countries -including the U.S.- charge for the use of their airspace and ATC services.

  • Some countries waive airspace fees if you land or depart from their country while others charge regardless of landing or departure point
  • Some countries send you an invoice, others don't
  • Methods, currency and ease of payment procedures vary by country
  • Unpaid airspace fees can accrue back tax and interest, growing over time
  • Aircraft can be denied entry into airspace or be detained upon arrival in a foreign country
  • Regulations and procedures vary and can change at any time

When purchasing a used aircraft, make sure that you are not also purchasing the unpaid airspace fee liabilities of that aircraft. Most foreign countries assess the debts to the aircraft, not the operator. With our Airspace Fees services, we determine what you owe and get it paid for you.

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Advance Passenger Information System

The U.S. and other countries (currently including Antigua, Argentina, Barbuda, Barbados, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts, Mexico, Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago) have moved forward with the implementation of the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) requiring aircraft, crew and passenger information to be transmitted electronically to government authorities prior to departing or arriving in the country where APIS is required. Other countries are in the process of implementing APIS.

We can take care of your APIS requirements for your next international trip and be sure that you are in compliance with regulations before you go.

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A recommended option for pilots unfamiliar with international regulations and procedures to get started on an international flying adventure to destinations in The Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and/or Central America is on a Guided Fly-In. This option offers pilots the opportunity to share their love for flying and adventure with other pilots or members of a flying club or pilots association.

Based on your group’s preferred destinations, lodging, activities, itineraries and interests, we will put together a customized trip that meets the group’s needs and preferences by taking care of the logistics, flight planning, pilot briefings, document handling and processing, transportation, lodging and tour arrangements and the chosen destinations.

Over 10 years of experience, in-country knowledge and unsurpassed customer service is our guarantee for a successful and enjoyable international flying adventure.

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A valuable resource we have for our CST Pilots Association Members, is the International Weather section, where you can find an up-to-date list of weather sources for The Bahamas, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and South America.

Weather information shown includes Surface Analysis, Significant Weather, Doppler Weather RADAR, Satellite, Area Forecasts, Winds Aloft, Notices to Airmen and more from the most respected weather information sources. To see a list of international weather resources that you will have access to as a CST Pilots Association member click on the box below.

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