Mexico Aeronautical Charts

Caribbean Sky Tours is your source of aeronautical charts for pilots planning to fly to the Mexico. We offer a variety of VFR and IFR charts to suit your needs. Some charts can be purchased at our online Pilot Shop and others can be downloaded in PDF by our members. Three different types of charts are available for Mexico:

VFR WAC Charts

Mexico's Secretariat of Communications and Transportation

Published by SCT (Mexican Government)

These World Aeronautical Charts (WAC) are for VFR flights to Mexico and contain topographical, airport and navaid information. These WAC charts do not show Terminal Control Areas around the larger airport so it's a good idea to supplement them with an IFR enroute Low Altitude chart. These charts are for VFR flights and show terrain, topography and airports.

SCALE 1:1,000,000

NOTE: In its previous printed editions the territory was divided into 12 regions and 2 regions were printed on each chart for a total of 6 individual charts. 

Mexico INEGI WAC Charts

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Mexico VFR WAC Charts Update

The new edition of Mexico’s WAC Charts has been released. Originally published in July of 2016, they were not made available to the public by the Mexican government until July of 2017 in a digital-only format. We have saved each chart in a PDF format for rapid download. We have also included a list of the major airports found on each chart to help you identify the appropriate chart required for your trip planning and execution.

Members can click on each region below to be taken to the download link and its corresponding list of airports:

hermosillo chart area chihuahua chart area monterrey chart area guadalajara chart area 1 guadalajara chart area 2 acapulco chart area 1 acapulco chart area 2 tuxtla chart area 1 tuxtla chart area 2

IMPORTANT NOTE: These Digital WAC charts Files are for personal use only; they may not be reproduced for commercial use.

For more information on Mexico Airports Of Entry members can turn to our AOE and Fuel section:

Mexico AOE's Fuel Prices


Enroute Low Altitude Caribbean & South America

Published by the FAA

These charts are for flying under IFR or to supplement VFR charts with information on VOR's, airways and Terminal Control Areas. The L1/L2 chart provides coverage for Mexico. If you are traveling to Mexico over water from the southern USA or from Florida, you will also need the L3/A3 chart as well.

Updated every 28 days

SCALE varies by chart

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Mexico IFR Low Altitude Charts

ONC Charts

Published by the Dept. Of Defense

These charts are no longer available to the public but can be downloaded in letter-page sections FOR FREE by our members. 

These charts DO NOT show VOR's and have not been updated in over 20 years but can be a useful aid when used in conjunction with current, authorized aeronautical charts.

Download ONC Charts

Mexico ONC Charts

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