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Most countries -including the US- charge for the use of their airspace and ATC services. The application, regulations and procedures for assessing, calculating and making payment of airspace fees varies from country to country. Every pilot flying internationally needs to be aware that he/she may be liable for payment of airspace fees. We can make inquiries with the respective aviation authorities on behalf of pilots to find out if there is a balance due, we can find out how much is owed and we can make payment for airspace fees owed on behalf of our customer.

Please note that when purchasing a used aircraft, you may also be acquiring the unpaid airspace fee liabilities of that aircraft. Most foreign countries assess the debts to the aircraft, not the operator. With our Airspace and Overflight Fees Service, we can get it paid for you.

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Mexico Airspace and ATC Over-Time Fees payment

The way Mexico's regulations work are drastically different from any other country making it almost impossible for a non-Mexican pilot to comply on their own. What makes Mexico’s regulations unique from other countries are four things: 

  1. The regulations are published in Mexico’s tax code, not in their Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and therefore do not appear in any international aeronautical publications.

  2. Airspace fees are calculated based on the wingspan of the aircraft and NOT on weight.

  3. Mexico does not issue an invoice to advise pilots that they have incurred a fee. It is the pilot’s responsibility to correctly determine the amount owed per the regulations.

  4. Airspace and over-time fees can only be paid via a Mexican bank.

CST Flight Services can help you stay in compliance with the payment of your Mexico Airspace Fees, the procedure is as follows:

Payments for PAST flights

The pilot is responsible for determining any amounts owed for Mexican airspace or overtime fees with the Mexican government for flights already made. To do this, the pilot must contact SENEAM offices (Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano) directly.

In order to CST Flight Services to assist you in making the payment, you will first need to determine the amount owed for past flights. Contact CST Flight Services at 1 786-206-6147 or at to obtain a copy of the step by step procedure to contact SENEAM and the instructions so that we can make the payment on your behalf.

Payments for CURRENT flights

If you wish to make payments to the Mexican government for future flights with the assistance of CST Flight Services you must email your flight history to within the first 5 days of the month after the flight took place. The flight history must include:

• Tail number
• Aircraft Type
• Date of each flight
• Departure and Arrival airport of each flight

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