Aeronautical Planning Service

Aircraft being fueled at Bahamian airport

Aeronautical Planning Service

Aircraft being fueled at mexican airport

The Aeronautical Planning Service is an affordable option to get guidance and assistance with international flying regulations and procedures without engaging full ground handling services. This service includes support with your trip planning, recommendations on routes of flight and airports of landing based on expert’s flying experiences.

The Aeronautical Planning Service includes:

  • Review of all aircraft, crew and passenger documents required for international flights
  • Recommendation of suitable Airports of Entry (AOEs) and routes that best fit your needs
  • Verify fuel availability and fuel prices at selected airports
  • Process and secure Overflight and Landing Permits required for your route of flight
  • Pre-flight consultation to review routes, airport and procedures before scheduled trip start date
  • Process payment of applicable airspace fees after flight has been completed

The Aeronautical Planning Services is part of our new CST Flight Services. To request a quote click here.

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