Pilot's Guide to Mexico and Central America

Considered the “ultimate” Pilot’s Guide by many pilots, the Caribbean Sky Tours Pilot’s Guide to Mexico & Central America includes Airports Of Entry (AOE) for each country as well as a number of secondary airports convenient to popular destinations in each country. Printed entirely in color, the Pilot’s Guide is based on current regulations, as well as years of actual flying experience. We have spent hundreds of man-hours reviewing and updating airport information, procedures, selecting color destination and airport pictures, as well as sketches based on our own flights. CST also includes important telephone numbers for each airport featured in the Guide so that pilots may obtain updated information on airport status and procedures before flying to each airport. 

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Caribbean Sky Tours Pilots Guide to Mexico and Central America

Caribbean Sky Tours Pilots Guide to Mexico and Central America inner pages

Procedures on how to fly to and within Mexico and Central America and back to the U.S.A.

  • Documents
  • Equipment
  • Airspace and Charts
  • Permit Requirements
  • Flight Plans
  • Checklists
  • VFR versus IFR 
Verified Airport Information in standarized Airport Format
  • Coordinates
  • Runway Information
  • Communication & Navaid Frequencies
  • Unpublished Flight Service Frequencies
  • Color Aerial Pictures and Sketches
  • Fuel Availability and Payment Methods
  • Important Airport Telephone Numbers
  • Destination Photographs

Extensive Reference Section

  • Instructions for completing ICAO Flight Plans
  • Telephone Numbers for ALL Mexican Flight Service Stations and Central America Weather Offices
  • Telephone Numbers for CBP Airport Offices

Emergencies & Survival Section

  • Survival Strategies
  • Emergency Telephone Numbers

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